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Symphony Platter
20 min. Waiting Time Needed



A Platter Consists of Three Long-lost Nostalgic Classics: The "Chicken Parcel", The "Wok-Seared Pheasant Roll" & The "Pearl of Prawns".


Pearl of Prawns
20 min. Waiting Time Needed



 A salted egg yolk sandwiched between two prawns depicts the reunification of the
two princes and their comradeship with the female lead.


Chicken Parcel



An unusual dumpling that combines minced chicken, mushrooms, carrots, celery and water chestnuts all wrapped up in a paper-thin egg white omelette.

Honey-baked Gold Coin Meat.jpeg
Smoked Duck Breast.jpeg

Wok-Seared Pheasant Roll


Honey-Baked Golden Coin with Almond Crust
2 Days Advance Order

Stewed Duck Breast
5 Days Advance Order


Pork loin envelops thin strips of Yunnan ham, preserved liver sausages, bamboo shoots,
pork lard, celery, spring onions and deep fried. A local take on this dish incorporates
Worcestershire and steak sauce from the British too.


A Guizhou (贵州) classic that was originally prepared by pouring hot oil on skewered pork,
then glazing it with sesame oil, and finishing with a coat of Szechuan pepper powder. 


The duck
is braised in a sauce comprising red wine lees, star anise, cinnamon and Sichuan

drunken chk 2.jpeg
smoked river crap.gif
smoked duck salad (1).jpg

Drunken Chicken


Smoked River Carp
Temporarily Not Available


Drunken Chicken showcases China’s wine culture, as well as its contributions

to Chinese cooking and preservation methods. The chicken was originally served whole
but is today chopped into small appetiser portions instead.


While the word “xun” (熏) typically refers to smoking, it also means “to infuse flavour”,
regardless of the technique. In this case, the fish is first deep fried and then soaked in a
heavily spiced and aromatic marinade.

Smoked Duck Breasts with Mango Salad (香芒鸭脯沙拉)


Mango salad drizzled with Balsamic vinaigrette paired with smoked duck breasts, sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese. Undoubtedly a refreshing starter to begin with.

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