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(willow)Stuffed Bamboo Fungus with Kai-l

Bamboo Fungus Stuffed with Kai Lan (柳影袈裟)


Its poetic name loosely translates to “Willow in Kasaya”, referring to the tree wrapped in a monk’s saffron robe. The dish consists of kai lan—the “willow”—stuffed in a bamboo fungus—the Kasaya—to symbolise a steady faith to Buddhism.

Steamed Bamboo Fungus with Tianjin Cabba

Steamed Bamboo Fungus with Tianjin Cabbage



The net-like fungus wraps around a stewed cabbage, and a clear gravy comprising
diced mushroom, sweet corn, carrot and wolfberries is ladled over.

Signature Yam Basket.jpg

Signature Yam Basket (佛锛飘香)


When Chef Hooi visited his then-girlfriend’s home for the first time in the 1960s, he cooked up this vegetarian dish of stir-fried asparagus,


Seasonal Greens.jpg

Seasonal Greens (各式时菜)

Your Choice of Seasonal Greens with Various Preparation Methods.

  • Kai-lan (芥兰)$8

  • Broccoli (西兰花) $8

  • Spinach (菠菜) $6

  • Milk Cabbage (奶白菜) $6

  • Asparagus (芦笋)$12

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