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Heritage Set Menu A

$48.80++ per pax

Add $5.00 for your choice of: (1) One House Pour; (2) Coffee; (3) Soft Drinks; (4) Sparkling Water.

A 6-course set starting with a refreshing salad, followed by 2 heritage dishes and our signature Spring Chicken, complemented with one of the most popular desserts in the S.E. Asia region.

Seasonal Greens.jpg

Smoked Duck Breasts with Mango Salad (香芒鸭脯沙拉)

Mango salad drizzled with Balsamic vinaigrette paired with smoked duck breasts, sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese. Undoubtedly a refreshing starter to begin with.

Quail Meat Congee with Wild Mushrooms an

Quail Meat Congee with Wild Mushrooms & Winter Melon (冬茸鹧鸪粥)

When rice was scarce after the Second World War, the Cantonese community in Singapore cooked minced chicken or quail meat in rice water to make “congee”.

Phoenix Spring Chicken.jpeg

Phoenix Spring Chicken (龙凤童鸡)

Our take on the Christmas turkey came about when Chef Hooi Kok Wai stumbled upon the dish prepared by his colleagues in the Western Kitchen of Cathay Hotel.

(willow)Stuffed Bamboo Fungus with Kai-l

Bamboo Fungus Stuffed with Kai Lan (柳影袈裟)

Its poetic name loosely translates to “Willow in Kasaya”, referring to the tree wrapped in a monk’s saffron robe. The dish consists of kai lan—the “willow”—stuffed in a bamboo fungus—the Kasaya—to symbolise a steady faith to Buddhism.


Steamed Fragrance Rice in Lotus Leaves (腊味荷叶饭)

Cured meats such as Waxed Duck, Pork & Liver Sausage, are wrapped into rice parcels with lotus leaves. After steaming, the rice in the parcel is infused with the fragrance of the cured meats.

Pulut hitam.jpg

Pulut Hitam - Cream of Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Ice Cream & Gula-melaka Syrup [椰香雪糕黑糯米]

A Southeast Asian black glutinous rice porridge that we lightly sweetened with rock sugar, then ladled over a caramel-, butterscotch-like palm sugar syrup. The porridge is served hot with a coconut ice cream.

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