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Heritage Set Menu B

$58.80++ per pax

Add $5.00 for your choice of: (1) One House Pour; (2) Coffee; (3) Soft Drinks; (4) Sparkling Water.

A 6-course set menu from our Heritage Series featuring 2 long-lost dishes as starter, a nourishing clear chicken consommé, a Chinese culinary iconic fish & a once-celebrated local staple.  The set is complete with a traditional Teochew dessert.


Heritage Platter - Twin Combination (经典双拼)

A Platter Consists of Two Long-lost Nostalgic Classics:
The "Chicken Parcel" & The "Pearl of Prawns". 

Double-boiled Chicken Consommé with Cordyceps Flowers (虫草花炖鸡汤)

Doubled-boiled soups (炖汤), where the ingredients are covered with water and then steamed for hours, are an important part of the Cantonese diet.

Fillet of Chrysanthemum Blossom.jpg

Fillet of Chrysanthemum Blossom (糖醋菊花鱼)

In China, chefs who want to be certified must successfully prepare this dish which requires fine knife skills and a mastery over its cooking temperature. 


Poached Spinach with Superior Stock (上汤蒜子菠菜)

Poached Spinach with superior stock and caramelized garlic paired with carrots and wolfberries, layered with egg white. A well-harmonized dish in terms of taste and texture.

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Chinese tomato Risotto.jpg

Chinese Tomato Risotto (礼茶烩饭)

In the 1950s, it was customary for Cantonese brides to eat this stewed tomato rice with a quail egg because of its symbolism.

yam paste with pumpkin & ginkgo nuts.jpg

Yam Paste with Pumpkin & Ginkgo Nuts [金瓜白果芋泥]

A well-received "Teo-chew" dessert. Smooth Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts, Pumpkins & topped with Coconut Cream.

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