Its peculiar name comes from a Qing Dynasty poem by a diner who was so impressed by the dish. He wrote: “坛启荤香飘四邻,佛闻弃禅跳墙来”, describing how its alluring aroma permeated the neighbourhood, tempting even the meditating Buddha to jump over the wall for it.


The dish came about when a Fujian governor ordered his personal chef, Zheng Chun Fa (郑春发), to reproduce a lovely mixed stew he had chanced upon at the residence of another official. Zheng made it his own by adding more seafood to the recipe that consisted originally of poultry, lamb shank, pig’s trotter, seafood and pigeon eggs. When Zheng set up his own restaurant, Ju Chun Yuan (聚春园), he introduced the dish to the public as Fu Shou Quan (福寿全), meaning fortune and longevity. However, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall was the name that stuck.


We use ingredients very similar to the historical recipe and it is one of our signature dishes. A pre-order of at least 5 days in advance is required.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (古法佛跳墙)

Size of Abalones
  • Ten Persons

  • Five Days

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