Yangzhou in China’s Jiangsu province is well known for three “heads”—fish’s head, pig’s head and lion’s head. The last is not from the king of the jungle but a metaphor for pork meatballs instead. We use hand-chopped minced pork and creamy crab roe to make them meaty and savoury. These are then served in a double boiled chicken stock.

The dish originated from southern China during the Sui Dynasty (581–618), and was known as 葵花斩肉 or “Sunflower Minced Meat” because it had the texture of the flower’s stamens. It was renamed 狮子头 or “Lion’s Head” during the Tang Dynasty (618–906).

Double-boiled Yangzhou Lion’s Head with Crab Roe (扬州清炖蟹粉狮子头)

Choice of Preparation
  • One Person

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