A 6-course set menu from our Heritage Serise featuring 2 long-lost dishes as starter, a norishing clear chicken consommé, a Chinese culinary iconic fish & a once-celebrated local staple.  The set is complete with a traditional Teochew dessert.




Heritage Platter - Twin Combination:

  • Pearl of Prawns 三合明珠
  • Chicken Parcel 經典石榴鸡




​​​​​​Double-boiled Chicken Consommé with Cordyceps Flowers




Fillet of Chrysanthemum Blossom (Heritage Dish)


Poached Spinach with Superior Stock




Traditional Chinese Tomato Risotto (Heritage Dish)




Yam Paste with Pumpkin & Ginkgo Nuts

Heritage Set Menu B

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  • Heritage Dishes:


    Pearl of Prawns 三合明珠:

    A dish inspired by the Cantonese sword-fighting movie “A Pearl and Two Treasured Swords” (三合明珠宝剑), which was screened in Hong Kong and Guangdong in 1961. The blockbuster narrates the reunification of two princes who were separated in the course of a conspiracy to dethrone their father, an emperor of the Han dynasty, as well as their friendship with a princess.  

    A creative Cantonese chef depicted this tale with a salted egg yolk sandwiched between two prawns, representing the female and male leads respectively. The chef also added chicken liver to symbolise the absolute devotion that the trio had for one another. These ingredients were crusted and shaped like a pearl, then deep fried until golden. The challenge of this dish lies in placing the yolk exactly in the centre of the sphere so that all portions have an equal part when it is served quartered.


    Chicken Parcel 经典石榴鸡:

    An unusual dumpling that combines minced chicken, mushrooms, carrots, celery and water chestnuts all wrapped up in a paper-thin egg white omelette. The delicate dish speaks of a scene in Chapter 27 of the classic Chinese novel “Dream of the Red Chamber” (红楼梦) when the female protagonist Lin Daiyu (林黛玉) laments the frailty of life as she tearfully buries withered flowers. It was featured in the “Red Chamber Banquet” (狮城红楼宴) during the 2004 Singapore Food Festival, which saw chefs from Singapore and China whipping up dishes inspired by this story written during the Qing dynasty.


    Fillet of Chrysanthemum Blossom 糖醋菊花鱼:

    In China, chefs who want to be certified must successfully prepare this dish which requires fine knife skills and a mastery over its cooking temperature. The length of a fish fillet is cut into strips, leaving half an inch along the skin intact. The fish is then rolled up and deep fried until it opens up like a chrysanthemum in bloom. Finally, a sweet and sour sauce is spooned over the crispy fish. The same cooking technique can also be applied to a whole fish to produce Squirrel Fish (松鼠鱼).


    Traditional Chinese Tomato Risotto 礼茶烩饭:

    A much-celebrated customary dish in the 50s.  It is actually a stewed tomato rice with a quail egg. 

    The auspicious red dish symbolised prosperity, unity and the quail egg is understood for fertility.

    This dish is often offered to newly brides after the tea ceremony on the day of the wedding for most Cantonese families followed by a bowl of glutinous rice balls [湯圓] or Red Bean Paste [紅豆沙] to symbolise a sweet ending and everlasting unity. 

    Over the years, the dish fades into history due to the simplification of traditional customs. 

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