A dish inspired by the Cantonese sword-fighting movie “A Pearl and Two Treasured Swords” (三合明珠宝剑), which was screened in Hong Kong and Guangdong in 1961. The blockbuster narrates the reunification of two princes who were separated in the course of a conspiracy to dethrone their father, an emperor of the Han dynasty, as well as their friendship with a princess.  


A creative Cantonese chef depicted this tale with a salted egg yolk sandwiched between two prawns, representing the female and male leads respectively. The chef also added chicken liver to symbolise the absolute devotion that the trio had for one another. These ingredients were crusted and shaped like a pearl, then deep fried until golden. The challenge of this dish lies in placing the yolk exactly in the centre of the sphere so that all portions have an equal part when it is served quartered.


Per Pax:

Pearl of Prawns (三合明珠)

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