A 6-course set starting with a refreshing salad, followed by 2 heritage dishes and our signature Spring Chicken, complemented with one of the most popular desserts in the S.E. Asia region.




Smoked Duck Breasts with Mango Balsamico Salad.




Quail Meat Congee with Wild Mushrooms & Winter Melon (Heritage Dish)



  • 龙凤童鸡

Phoenix Spring Chicken ​​​​​​(Signature Dish)


  • 柳影袈裟"

The Veiled Willow (Heritage Dish)

Stuffed Bamboo Fungus with Kai-lan.




Chinese Tomato Risotto (Heritage Dish)




Pulut HitamCream of Black Glutinous with Coconut Ice Cream & Gula-melaka Syrup.

Heritage Set Menu A

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  • Heritage Dishes:


    Quail Meat Congee with Wild Mushrooms and Winter Melon


    When rice was scarce after the Second World War, the Cantonese community in Singapore cooked minced chicken or quail meat in rice water to make “congee”. If there was no rice, Chinese yam (淮山) would be boiled to produce a similarly starchy water. This was later replaced with winter melon as its cooling properties was desired to counter Singapore’s humid climate. We now liven up this humble dish with a variety of wild mushrooms.


    “The Veiled Willow” 柳影袈裟 

    Stuffed Bamboo Fungus with Kai-lan:

    A long lost local vegetarian classic.  The name of the dish in Chinese is poetic, meaning  “The Veiled Willow”.  The dish was commonly seen to in festive occasions within the local Buddhist community in the 50s to 60s. This simple dish requires a troublesome process as each piece of Kai-lan (resembling willow tree) is to stuff through the body of a bamboo fungus (resembling a piece of Kasaya as veil). 


    Willow trees are commonly regarded as Yin (阴)due to the softness of its fine branches, but the core of it is tenacious.  It symbolised the strong will and faith under the layer of Kasaya.


    This dish walked into history due to the troublesome work-process and recently caught an eye of renown local film maker Ms Eva Tang who made a local short film named after the Chinese name of the dish. 

    “The Veiled Willow” (柳影袈裟), narrates the story of a chef and a “mama” (live-in maid) in a household in the 60s when Singapore is undergoing economic transformation, capturing the nuances of language and transmission of cultural values.


    The film is in the finals of the Viddsee Juree Awards Singapore 2019.

    After working with Eva on the film, we decided to list this dish back to our menu.


    Signature Dish:

    Phoenix Spring Chicken 龙凤童鸡:

    Our take on the Christmas turkey came about when our founder stumbled upon the dish prepared by his colleagues in the Western Kitchen of Cathay Hotel. Despite working in the Chinese Kitchen, he was keen to study other culinary techniques and started hanging around during his afternoon breaks. He mastered many items, including baked turkey.


    When the first Dragon Phoenix started in 1963 at Maxwell Road, he debuted his interpretation of the Christmas classic. As the bird was too big for casual dining, he used a pullet instead. The young hen is seasoned with bay leaves and basil, as well as Chinese wine, ginger and soy sauce, and then deep fried till golden. The aromatic and succulent dish drew the sailors from the nearby pier, who ordered to take out and devoured it as they walked back. Today, the Phoenix Spring Chicken is still a bestseller and our culinary pride.

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