Smoked Duck Breast (胭脂鸭脯)
First mentioned in the Qin dynasty novel “Dream of the Red Chamber” (红楼梦), the dish was eventually brought to life by contemporary scholars and chefs.

The classical Chinese novel is an important literature on the food cultures of the Qing dynasty. A third of the book describes the lavish meals of the Jia family, giving us a glimpse of what wealthy Chinese households ate then. While the book’s author, Cao Xueqin, did not provide details how the dishes were prepared, “Redology” (红学) researchers have stepped up to the challenge with their interpretations. In 2004, it was featured in the “Red Chamber Banquet” (狮城红楼宴) at the Singapore Food Festival.

Smoked Duck Breast (胭脂鸭脯)

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