A 6-course vegetarian set starting with a refreshing salad, followed by a rich creamy soup, 1 vegetarian culinary classic & our signature Yam Basket, complemented with a tradoitional Cantonese dessert.




Mango Salad with Crispy Bean Curd Skin​​​​​​ 




Cream of Truffle-infused Assorted Mushroom Soup



  • 西湖素魚

Sweet & Sour Vegetarian Fish 

  • 佛钵飘素香

Vegetarian Yam Basket (Signature Dish)




Vegetarian Clay Pot Rice




Walnuts Black Sesame Paste with Glutinous Rice Ball

Heritage Set Manu D (Veg)

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  • Signature Dish:

    Signature Yam Basket 佛钵飘香:

    The Legend of Yam Basket: In the early 60s when our founder was dating his wife, he learned that she was an adopted child of Buddhist nuns. As nuns had little desire for material needs, he was facing a problem of what to present as his first gift to his potential “in-laws”. Inspired by the alms bowl, he made a ring with yam paste, and added vegetarian ingredients such as Asparagus, Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots, Carrots and assorted Capsicums into it.


    A legendary dish was then created, and offered as his gift of love and sincerity. Today, this dish has become part of the local food culture, and can also be found in various parts of Asia such as Shanghai, Taiwan & Hong Kong.


    The dish also came with two non-vegetarian versions, one with chicken and one with shrimps.

  • One Person

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