Steamed- Samsui Traditional Style(三水古法蒸鳕鱼)


A tribute to the Samsui women, who came to Singapore from Guangdong to work as labourers in the construction industry from the 1930s to 80s’.


Steamed with Sweet Fermented Rice & Chinese Wine (花雕酒酿蒸鳕鱼)


A style preferred in Shanghai for seasonal catches from the Yangtze River, the combination of sweet fermented rice, salt-cured ham, bamboo shoots and mushrooms lend a sweet and umami taste. 


Steamed Fish - Nonya Style


Chillies, aromatics and spices are blended together to make a spicy and tangy seasoning
that is perfect for any types of fishes
The dish is also accompanied with lady fingers and eggplant.

Teochew-Style Steamed .jpeg

Steamed with Pickled Plums, Preserved Mustard & Pork Belly Slices (Teochew Style / 潮式蒸鳕鱼)


The light flavours is typical of Teochew cuisine. Consisting of sour plums, salty mustard greens and a hint of lard from pork belly slices, fish steamed in this style is one of the most popular in Guangdong,

Fillet of Chrysanthemum Blossom.jpg

Fillet of Chrysanthemum Blossom (糖醋菊花鱼)


The length of a fish fillet is cut into strips, leaving half an inch along the skin intact. The
fish is then rolled up and deep fried until it opens up like a chrysanthemum in bloom.

soft shell crab.jpeg

Sweet and Sour Soft Shell Crab (糖醋软壳蟹)


Crabs caught just after molting are dredged in flour and deep-fried till golden. They are then stir-fried quickly in a sweet and sour sauce and served crispily.

Hawaii North Shore Shrimps.jpeg

Hawaiian Spicy Shrimps (檀岛北岸香辣虾)


A tribute to the famed Giovanni’s Spicy Shrimps on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii.

Signature Chilli Crab.jpeg

Singapore Chilli Crab


$9.00 / 100g

Instead of using bottled chilli sauce like what the East Coast seafood restaurants did, he made a fiery sambal chilli paste and balanced it with a sweet and
vinegary ketchup.

Wok-seared King Prawns with Chinese BBQ

Wok-Seared King Prawns with Chinese BBQ Sauce (干煎虾碌)


Prawns are cut on the back, wok-seared and tossed in ketchup and Worcestershire
sauce along with garlic, spring onions and tomatoes, producing a rich and smoky dish.

Mayo Prawns with Sesame Seeds.jpeg

Mayo Prawns with Sesame Seeds (芝麻生汁虾球)


Prawns are de-shelled, deep-fried and coated in mayonnaise to create this crunchy and creamy offering served with refreshing fresh fruits. 

Deep-fried Taro Stuffed with Scallop.jpe

Deep-Fried Taro Stuffed with Scallop (荔茸带子)


The popular dim sum Honeycombed Taro Dumpling (蜂巢芋角) is adopted to cradle fresh scallops in a deep-fried taro “nest” instead. 

lemon butter scallop.jpeg

Wok-Seared Lemon Butter Scallop (蒜香柠汁带子)


Seared scallops are topped with a parsley-garlic butter sauce and finished with a squeeze of lemon juice.